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Recommended Crypto Exchange / Cryptocurrency Exchange List

Every day, crypto exchange are busy making headlines. The market may have taken a dived since 2017 but that has not stopped people from investing. For many persons, the easiest way to get in on the action is through a cryptocurrency exchange.

The reason we have a list of cryptocurrency exchange reviews is to evaluate these exchanges. For anyone who does not know much about the market, a crypto exchange can be a minefield. You will need to be very aware when you get started.

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So, what is it about exchanges that make them the best option for so many people and how can you find the ones that will serve you best?

Well, the answer to that one is easy. Cryptocurrency exchanges make it so easy for anyone to get cryptocoins if they have fiat money. Getting the coins from mining is no longer a practical option for most investors.

It does not matter if someone is a retail or institution investor, they all go to an exchange to get the coins they need. The crypto exchanges have an exhaustive KYC process that ensures they are safe. The best cryptocurrency exchanges are that ones that pay attention to the security of your funds and the entire ecosystem.

Our list of recommended cryptocurrency exchange brokers looks at every important thing we know you care about.

Visit Broker Rank Broker Name Location Minimum Deposit Amount Payment System Rating Create an Account
1 BTCBOX BRICE GATE 5F, Nihonbashi Kayabacho (Japan) 0.001 BTC 8.70 Sign Up Read Review
Rank Broker Name Location Minimum Deposit Amount Rating

Why You Need Reviews of Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

So, in case you were wondering what the importance of this was, we will tell you. The thing about a market like this one is that it has a proliferation of scams. You might think you have found something that is legit and then lose money.

Reviews are a good way to know about a crypto exchange before you take your business to them.  You will avoid the horror stories where people lose money to scams. If you want to know what is so good about reading crypto exchange reviews, look no further than here.

1. Accurate Information

Reviews, when there is no bias, can lead you to a great crypto exchange because they do not have biased information. We do not get paid by or affiliate to cryptocurrency exchanges. Ours is to provide the information and education you need to know to find the best crypto exchanges.

We research the internet to find the best descriptions of what you are looking for and then present that to you in a format easy to read.

2. Makes Work Easier

When you are researching from scratch, it may consume a lot of time before you find the crypto exchange you will come to trust. That is the reason to read reviews. You can be able to skip all the work that goes into researching each one of them.

We give our due diligence to make sure we maintain credibility as a review’s website. Research takes an inordinate amount of time. To make it easy for you to research without having to slog through sites that may not be good for you, we present you with the top options.

3. Preparedness

We always recommend it for any investor to know as much about a crypto exchange as they can, before they spend any money. That kind of preparedness will help you avoid surprises. So, if you want to learn about the specifics of a crypto exchange, these reviews will help,

Read them cordially and compare them to one another to see which ones will be the easiest to work with. We provide comprehensive coverage on every important aspect that we know matters to you as the investor.

How Do We Define the Credibility of a Crypto Exchange?

We look at the following things to determine if a crypto exchange is good enough for you;

  • They have to follow security measures that should be good enough to weather hacking attempts. Any crypto exchanges worth their salt should take extensive measures like intense password strength, 2fa verification, captcha, anti-phishing measures, and others.
  • For institutional-grade crypto exchanges, it is always a good idea to store the trading volumes data protected. The crypto exchanges should also be able to give you data when required, so you can make sound decisions based on trading volumes.
  • We consider the top crypto exchanges based on trading volumes. This is the standard even in other markets that have nothing to do with crypto.
  • The credibility of a crypto exchange depends on transparency too. Media data is one way to know about an exchange, how they operate and if we can trust them. This will help you avoid being a part of something like the QuadrigaCX scandal.
  • Always make sure you know the location of a crypto exchange. It will be hard to sue in case something happens and you do not know the right jurisdiction to follow. There should always be provisions to seek justice in case something happens.

When you are going into the market for the first time, remember the following important things:

  • Less than 10% of the crypto exchanges sell cryptocoins for fiat currency. This may be a problem for you who do not have digital tokens yet. However, you can go to the ones that allow fiat currency to crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp and other reputable ones.
  • The transaction fees are higher for the very secure crypto exchanges. However, it is logical when you weigh the fees against the protections offered.
  • Not all exchanges have all the coins you want. You should always check to see that they have the coins you want before you sign up.

Other than that, it is easy to get an account and get your digital currency.

cryptocurrency exchange

The InWara’s Crypto Exchange Database

As the single largest database with the information you will need about cryptocurrency exchange globally, it is a tool you will need to use. The database provides you with information about the security measures used by each of the crypto exchanges listed, their KYC process details, transaction fees, trading volumes, and payment methods, among other details.

It is a very impressive list containing over 200 cryptocurrency exchanges with 100 plus data points for each exchange covered. The data points contain adverse media, live tracking, updates, KYC process, transaction fees, trading volumes and security hacks among other points.

It can be a lot to take in one go, but you will not have trouble understanding the most important thing about the top crypto exchanges when you read our reviews. We take all the important information and condense it into a readable format you will have no trouble understanding.

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

Yes, we have over one type. In the reviews, we will include both types of crypto exchanges. Centralized exchanges directly defy the principle we build the blockchain upon. The assets fall under the control of a single entity and that is a concern for people as it raises trust issues.

The key to all your funds is in the hands of the exchange and not you. A single breach in security can take the whole thing in one fell swoop. A technical breakdown can even make your assets vanish. If you can, avoid these kinds of systems.

To be safer, you will have an easier time dealing with decentralized crypto exchanges that include IDEX, Stellar DEX, Bisq, Openledger DEX, and others. They adopt blockchain technology, making it easy for participants in the cryptocurrency exchange to operate peer-to-peer.

No singular node failure can take it down.

However, liquidity is still the key to exchanges. On decentralized platforms, there are not enough market influencers to attract many investors, and that means they have no liquidity. More often than not, deals are better with centralized crypto exchanges because they have the liquidity.

For choosing the one you will work with, the process differs from other markets. Use our credibility process, the InWara database, and our reviews to get the guidelines that will save  you from doing something you might be regretful.

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